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The Essence of the Collie
In Collies Through the Ages, which forms the core of this site, we will trace the Collie’s evolution from humble farm worker to the glamorous breed we know today.
Over time these pages will expand to show the origins of one of the world’s most beloved breeds, in addition to highlighting significant events, kennels, individuals, etc. from the inception of the Collie as a recognised breed.
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lithe active dog, built along the lines of strength and endurance, but capable of sudden bursts of great speed. An alert outlook, showing natural intelligence, enable the Collie to fulfil its natural bent for Sheepdog work. These have been
considered the breed’s essential general characteristics for more than a century.
The Collie, whether Rough or Smooth, should evoke the harsh, yet tranquil and majestic grandeur of heath, heather, and moor, rather than the picturesque thatch and timber-framed farmstead so often associated with the English pastoral scene.
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