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Title page from Thomas Baker's 'The Collie - Its Show Points' - 1899
The title page from
Thomas Baker’s ‘The Collie’
Baker; ThomasThe Collie - Its Show Points – This little known
privately published book,
26 page plus 8 pages of advertisements,
illustrated with photographs taken by the author, is an early
attempt at producing an illustrated Rough Collie standard
— 1899 – Hardback – Very Scarce –
publisher: White & Pike Ltd, Birmingham & London
Baskerville; W.Show Collies & Shetland Sheepdogs – Quoting liberally from Packwood’s Show Collies, with extra material, which brings the Collie records up to date, and additional chapters on early Shetland Sheepdog history, and the Working Collie, all illustrated with high quality black and white photographs, many exclusive to this publication – 1924 – Soft-back – Scarce (copies occasionally found, albeit rarely in good condition, and often incomplete with book breaking frequently removing illustrations) – UK/English
publisher: Our Dogs, Manchester
Bennett; Dr. O. P. [TAZEWELL]The Collie – America’s first Collie monogram includes the usual chapters on breed origin, standard etc. Its extensive Rough Collie history divided into chapters covering the British and American Show Scene separately, the former contributed by Charles H. Wheeler [EDGBASTON] is of particular interest, and the book’s chronological order not only makes finding entries easy, it also gives a true feel for the Collie’s development both sides of the Atlantic. Liberally illustrated with b/w photographs, although their size and quality could be improved to advantage — 1917 (2nd updated edition published 1924 – with a 3rd edition, the British section updated by T. M. Halpin in 1942) – Hardback – Scarce – USA/English
publisher: The Washington Publishing Co, USA
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