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t is hardly surprising that in a breed that can trace its history back to the earliest shows much archival material has been destroyed. Even where records were preserved for a generation they have, too often, been eventually lost in the
welter of clutter we all amass during our lifetime.
Thanks to modern methods of copying and storage we could confine this kind of loss to history, many breeds have already done so. Electronic storage makes it possible for important archive material to be collected and stored without recourse to extraordinary demands on space or expertise, and as multiple copies may be retained any further erosion of important data could be prevented.
I am now in a position to offer just such a service to both Breed Clubs and kennel owners, therefore anyone who considers their own collection worthy of preservation should contact me by either telephone or e-mail at: Collie Archives, giving a brief explanation of their collection’s extent, so that any commission can be fully evaluated before attempted.
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