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Breed Club
Title Page from the Collie Club of Victoria's Handbook - 2002
Title Page from
Collie Club of Victoria Handbook
Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain cont. —
Smooth Collie Pedigrees - A Selection: 1900 – 2004
29 additional extended pedigrees of principal Smooth Collies,
which completes the collection started in
Smooth Collie
. Of particular interest are the links between present
influential Smooth Collies in the UK, American bred imports,
and the original UK exports across the Atlantic, as are the
articles which expand on several questionable assumptions.
Compiled and edited by
Jean Tuck — 2005 – A4 Paperback – UK/English
Victoria; Collie Club of — A beautifully bound handbook published at 5 year intervals. Mostly devoted to illustrated kennel advertisements but including a résumé of shows, and awards in the preceding 5 years, colour introduced in 1997 — since 1982 – Hardback – Australia/English
West of England Collie SocietyThe Round-Up a club newsletter, free to members, originally produced bi-annually, but now an annual publication designed to keep members abreast of Club events. Also includes breed related material on subjects as diverse as health and kennel histories — since 1975 – A4 paperback – UK/English
Yorkshire Collie Club — Annual handbook, which included breed related articles, Challenge Certificate winners, forthcoming show calendar with judges, lists of members, and club approved judges. Financed by illustrated kennel advertisements —1967 to 1987/88 inclusive – Soft-back – Out of Print – UK/English
If your Breed Club’s publications are not included above, and you can arrange to have complimentary sample copies, complete with contact details, frequency, etc. sent to me at the address below, I will seriously consider inclusion on my next update.
Breed Clubs
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