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Breed Club
Rough Collie Club of Ireland Year Book front cover
Rough Collie Club of Ireland
Year Book front cover
Collie Association cont.
Rough Collie - Championship Show Results — An annual
record of Rough Collie class placings at all Championship shows,
complete with judges, class entry etc. — 1976 - 2000
previous year)
Collie Association Guides – A series of A4 booklets currently covering Kennel Club good practice and regulations regarding Judging and Stewarding. Titles and subjects to be extended as necessary — since 2003 – Soft-back – UK/English
Roll of Honour — A complete record of Collie Association Championship Show Challenge Certificate winners, including their owners, and breeding, plus the names of the judges at each show — 2003 – UK/English
self-print downloadable pdf file
Fauna Collie Club - Collie World — Edited by Helena Zemliakova, with contributions from throughout the Western world, this yearbook contained a higher than average proportion of articles, many on genetics and health issues, to kennel advertisements, illustrated — 1994-1999 – Soft-back – Out of Print –  Russia/Russian
Ireland Collie & Sheepdog Society; AllHandbook, edited by committee members, and published at approximately 10 year intervals, it features articles and advertisements relating to the Irish Collie scene, including lists of Irish Collie Champions with their breeding — since 1983 – Paperback – Eire/English
Ireland; The Rough Collie Club of Year Book details the Rough Collie show scene under Irish Kennel Club rules. Includes articles of general interest, judge profiles, Green Star winners, in addition to a list of forthcoming Irish Championship Shows. Funded by kennel advertisements in colour and mono – 1996 to 2003 – Paperback – Eire/English
Breed Clubs
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