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British Collie ClubHandbook giving an interesting mix of
informative articles, light hearted anecdotes, with its gallery of
Challenge Certificate winners, supported by kennel advertisements,
mostly UK, in both colour and mono — annually since 1994
– Paperback –
Collie Association — The first UK Breed Club sponsored Handbook,
this single edition, edited by
Miss Margaret Osborne [SHIEL], set the standard for those that followed. Features articles by many of the breed’s greats, a list of post war Challenge Certificate winners, Collie portrait gallery complete with pedigrees, and the original line and family charts, in addition to kennel advertisements — 1952 – Paperback ( much sort after collectors item)UK/English
Collie Line and Families Handbook — One of Miss Osborne’s now famous ‘Gestetner’  produced publications, which brings her Line and Family charts, first published in the Handbook, up to date — 1955 – Very Scarce – UK/English
The Collie Quarterly — Possibly the first regular Breed Club newsletter issued free to members of a British based Collie Club. Includes show and club news, plus the occasional interesting article — from mid 1950 for approx. ten years – UK/English
Rough Collie Champions - Their PedigreesCollection of three generation pedigrees, in booklet form, covering the five years 1970-1974. Pedigrees appearing, four to each page, in the order they gained their title — 1975 – UK/English
Rough Collie Champions - Their PedigreesA continuation of the above publication, issued as a collection of loose-leaf cards with covering Yearly record sheet recording shows, judges, and principal winners,  published annually for insertion into special binder — 1976 - 2000 (covering previous year)UK/English
Breed Club
Front Cover of The Collie Association Handbook - 1952
Ch Beulah’s Fuson Kin
Collie Association Handbook
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