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America; Collie Club ofhave a long history of sponsoring
and publishing books, pamphlets and journals including:
Yearbook — recording every aspect of the American Collie
scene, including show and judges records, club news, rules
committee etc. — annually since 1934 – Paperback –
Illustrations of the Collie - His Character & Conformation
Lorraine B. Still’s acclaimed artwork depicting the collie’s structure, both correct and incorrect — 1961 – Paperback – USA/English
The Complete Collie – A history of the Collie, both Rough and Smooth, in America, compiled from contributions by several acknowledged American Breed Specialists, illustrated — 1962 – Hardback - Out of Print – USA/English
publishers: Howell Book House, USA
American Collie Champions - 1884-1961 – Limited edition pictorial record of American Collie Champions — 1979 – Hardback - Out of Print – Scarce – USA/English (5 additional volumes recording American Collie Champions since 1961 available)
The New Collie – Up-dated version of ‘The Complete Collie’ re-written with contributions from a different selection of breed specialists. Illustrated, including pictorial record of Collie Club of America Speciality Best of Breed winners 1925 and 1982 — 1983 – Hardback – Out of Print – USA/English
publishers: Howell Book House, USA
Parader – A limited edition tribute to, and record of the achievements of Stephen J. Field, [PARADER], together with a collection of his many literary contributions over a lifetime’s involvement with the breed. Edited by Gayle Kaye and George Horn — 2004 – Hardback – Out of Print – USA/English
the story of Steve Field
Ringpress Books Ltd
Breed Clubs
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