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3 Editions of Margaret Osborne's famous breed classic 'The Collie'
Margaret Osborne’s classic ‘The Collie’
owever interesting and informative the internet maybe it can never replace
a comprehensive library, and the
collie’s long-term popularity has
ensured the appetite of even the most
diligent researcher can be satisfied.
What follows is not intended to be an
exhaustive breed bibliography; rather
it will highlight and preface books
from my own collection, which I have
divided into four categories.
Early Books, including general volumes with large breed sections usually provided by breed specialists, are limited to those published prior of 1950.
Modern Collie  limited to books published since 1950, can generally be divided into basic publications aimed at the faintly curious, commercial, often part of a series, which attempt to guide the novice though the early stages of their interest, and specialist volumes, usually published either privately or as limited editions.
Breed Club publications are those promoted by a registered breed club, and include breed, hand/year books, newsletters etc.
Periodicals list privately produced year/hand books, newsletters etc. produced at stated intervals over a given time.
In all cases I have included origin/language, adding links to books or journals still available. For those interested in starting or adding to their own collection of out of print volumes I have supplied a list of antiquarian dealers specialising in canine books, and
on-line book catalogues.
The featured book, which changes periodically, will always highlight a single volume or series, giving a more comprehensive review complete with availability.